Central Florida Home Buyers and Investors

Central Florida Buyer Representation

For the intense personal touch, Smith Realty, Inc. offers Buyer representation. Each and every day we examine all new Central Florida real estate listings entering the marketplace.  Perhaps one of those listings is just the property for you.  For some buyers, they want to drive by the home before scheduling the appointment to see the interior.  Other buyer’s will want me to schedule the appointment immediately.

You should use Jesse Smith for all your buying needs because I will listen to you.  My goal is not to sell you a house, but to find the best house for you based upon what you tell me.   Hopefully, if I am good, you will have several choices.  I do not want to waste your time on properties that do not fit your criteria.  You do not have to pay for this service as more often than not the commission is paid by the Seller. 

Occasionally, a well priced distressed home will hit the market in which you will want to pay Smith Realty, Inc. a Buyer’s commission so the listing agent can obtain a full commission and better represent your offer to the seller.   Just let us know the best way to serve you and we will do everything possible to meet your needs.  Whether you seek your first home, your second home or investment real estate, Jesse Smith will be thorough, professional, and work for you.

Ways to Remove the Fear from Home Buying

1. Find a real estate agent that is both skilled and a good fit with your personality. We don't charge buyers to find them a home so you save with picking this Oviedo Real Estate Brokerage.

2. Don't ask for too many outside opinions.

3. Accept that no house is ever perfect.

4. Don't over negotiate. Before you know it, someone else will make an offer and get the contract.

5. See the big picture: room size, kitchen, amenities, noise level, location, price.

6. Don't wait until you've found a home to get mortgage approved. Get approved first.

7. Factor in maintenance and repair costs in your home buying budget.

8. Accept that a little buyer's remorse is inevitable.

9. Choose a home first because you love it; then think about appreciation.

10. Be patient, and let us do all the work for you.  We're the experts and can overcome most adversities.