Florida New Construction Rebate Program by Smith Realty, Inc.

Are you looking to purchase a new construction home in the State of Florida?

Would you like a cash back rebate to help with closing costs or simply like some cash back at closing?

Smith Realty, Inc. is happy to help!

We give you, the buyer, at least a 1.00% cash back rebate (of the base sales price) when you use Smith Realty, Inc. as your registered agent when purchasing a new construction home. There are certain conditions that apply, but there really is no small print. It's free for you and there is no obligation should you not purchase.

For example, you purchase a $500k new construction home in Oviedo. That's $5,000.00 back in your pocket to help you close that deal! Read these requirements, then start searching the new builder communities below.


To download the Buyer Rebate Disclosure, complete the form below and the Buyer Rebate Disclosure will be sent automatically to your email inbox. A valid email address is required.  We look forward to connecting with you so we may answer any of your questions and address any concerns you might have about new construction homes.

Buyer Rebate Disclosure
Hand this to the Builder's salesperson the first time you visit.
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It's never been easier to search all of the brand new construction homes in one place! As long as the following requirements are met you will qualify for the rebate (it really is this simple):

  1. You may not be represented by or be using another Realtor or Real Estate Agent.
  2. Your builder is told from the beginning that you are represented by Smith Realty, Inc. and we are your registered agent on the sales contract. Contact me with which communities you are interested in so I may call the Builders' sales center. I may need to accompany you the first visit. Some builders require this, some don't. Completing this simple disclosure and handing it to the builder representative is all that is needed in most cases. Make some copies so you can hand them to all the new communities. Even if it's the same Builder, hand it to them at each community.
  3. The total commission paid by the Builder must be at least 3%.
  4. You must qualify and close on the new construction home where Smith Realty, Inc is listed as the agent of record.
  5. You will be paid directly from the closing disclosure, formerly known as "the HUD", or we can give you a check after our payment has cleared the bank.


* The Rebate is based on the base sales price. Any extras and upgrades purchased on top of the base sales price do not apply to the New Construction Rebate amount, but you can use the rebate to purchase those upgrades.

** You must register Smith Realty, Inc. as your Realtor on your very first visit to the new construction communities. If you don't, we may lose the commission, therefore you lose the rebate.

*** Rebate is only paid after a successful closing by the Buyer and commission is paid to Smith Realty, Inc. by the Builder Seller.

**** It is illegal, per the Fair Housing Act, for the Builder to change the price of their home in order to negotiate the buyer's agent commission off the price of their home. (which is why it's NOT cheaper to buy a home directly from the Builder without a Realtor).