Looking for HUD Homes to buy in your county? Simply click the links below for a list. HUD Homes are a wonderful way to buy a home to live in. They have great programs for homeowners. Feel free to contact us anytime if you have questions about the home buying process with HUD Homes.

Sage Acquisitions has been awarded the M&M 3.7 contract. What this means, basically, is that they are in charge of the home buying process. Smith Realty in Oviedo was hired by Sage Acquisitions to be one of thier Local Listing Brokers (LLB). We will be developing some teaching guides in order to help home buyers and selling agents be able to feel comfortable in the HUD Home bidding process. Stay tuned…

Sage Acquisitions awarded the HUD M&M 3.7

BUYERS Guide to Buying a HUD Home

BUYER/SELLING AGENTS, we have a detailed Powerpoint presentation on how YOU can sell HUD Homes. It takes you step by step through the entire EASY process. Stay tuned as we announce when we will be giving a class.

These links below will help you along the way while purchasing a HUD Home. If you need to change a name, closing date, type of financing, or any other term of the contract, use the link below for “Forms”.

HUD Homestore
How to buy HUD Homes
HUD Home FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)
Seminole County HUD Homes For Sale
Orange County HUD Homes For Sale
Osceola County HUD Homes For Sale
Polk County HUD Homes For Sale

Attention all selling agents! HUD now allows electronic signatures! Below is a walk through, but please contact us right away should you have any questions: